Turn your community into a help center

✔ Auto-generate support content
✔ Make your community discoverable by Google
✔ Reduce duplicate questions and support effort
Auto-generated content pages

Create content pages from your community discussions

Your community is the most valuable source of content. Leverage this and automatically create organic content from your community discussions.

Make your community content discoverable by Google

Crowd.dev collects all your public Discord threads and creates SEO-friendly landing pages for it. This makes your community content discoverable and helps new people to find out about it.
LEss Support

Reduce duplicate questions and support effort

Make it easy for your community members to find topics that have already been discussed and reduce the number of duplicate questions and support requests.

Connect all your favorite community tools

Today we can create Q&A pages for Discord threads. We will soon extend this feature to all the other Crowd.dev integrations so you can bring all your community content into one place.

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