From trading bots to Dropbox alternatives - learn about 10 exciting open source software projects.

10 interesting open source projects you should know about

Sofia de Mattia
Sofia de Mattia
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We all love open source software. Nevertheless, finding interesting and innovative open source projects on platforms like GitHub can be tricky due to the huge amount of projects that get started everyday. This is why we wanted to introduce you to 10 great open source projects, that catched our attention during our open source meta analysis. These projects range from bots to servers and you can easily access all of them on GitHub. Curious to check them out? 

1. Binance Trading Bot

The Binance Trading Bot detects new coins as soon as they are listed on the Binance exchange. It buys and sells new coins automatically and has a variety of other useful features, like detecting price spikes. Bots like this one could transform trading like we know it today. Especially since the importance of crypto currencies is constantly increasing.


2. Corona-Warn-App

The German government issued a Covid tracking app for its citizens back in 2020. It is supposed to track the spread of SARS-CoV-2 and alert people who have been in contact with actively infected people. Covid-19 continues being a threat to the worldwide population, therefore apps like this will gain immensely of importance. Open source is of course a wonderful fit here, as you can increase both security and trust in such an application.


3. Nextcloud Server 

A safe home for all your data. Nextcloud is similar to Dropbox and Google Drive. It stores your data (gallery, contacts, calendars) and gives you access to all your files wherever you are. In comparison to other file hosting services Nextcloud has made it easy, accessible and most important save to store your data. They are deeply committed to protecting your information by following the industry's best practices. 


4. Plausible Analytics

Plausible Analytics is an alternative platform to Google Analytics, which offers a lot of benefits: user-friendly, privacy-enhancing, simple, lightweight. Therefore, it can be used without any prior knowledge. With Plausible Analytics you can be 100% in control of your own website, since your data is not sold or shared with any third-parties. The developers of this open source project are welcoming to feedback and always looking for ways to improve their product. 



Manim is an animation engine, designed for explanatory math videos. These videos are supposed to generate precise animations for a better understanding of mathematical issues. It is a useful tool to teach and understand science, due to its visual components. Important to know is that there are two different kinds of MANIM projects: one personal project from the original author and a second one, created by a group of developers and forked into a community edition.


6. Whoogle Search 

If you are looking for an alternative platform to Google minus all the “annoying” aspects like ads, sponsored content, cookies, IP address tracking and so on - then Whoogle might be just for you. Whoogle offers you a new search experience, is easy to install and can be implemented as your primary search engine on your desktop as well as your mobile phone.


7. Papercups 

Papercups is an open source live chat application developed for the communication between companies and customers. It can be used for start-ups as well as for enterprises. What make Papercups stand out in comparison to other live chat applications is that it really focuses on privacy and prevents customer data being transferred to third parties. The company is planning on expanding into other forms of customer communication as well. 


8. TeslaMate

A data logger specifically programmed for Tesla’s - TeslaMate. It tracks your driving statistics and includes visited addresses, efficiency maps, and charging reports. Tesla, as the leading manufacturer of electric cars, is shaping the future way of driving. With innovative open source applications like this one, driving is made easier, safer and more efficient. 


9. Sourceful 

Sourceful is a search engine specially designed for Google documents. The concept is similar to Wikipedia. The public has to work together to share and update documents. They range from cooking, parenting, and freelancing advice to Covid-19 information and more. The interesting aspect about this project is that it relies on a collaborating community to create the content. Furthermore, the documents on the platform also include niche content.  


10. Remote Retro

Remote Retro supports the retrospective process, from the beginning, throughout and the end. It is used for meetings with colleagues (physically present or remote) and offers a fun way to evaluate teamwork with a variety of features like mood mapping or voting. Especially in the upcoming years, where the number of people working remotely is going to increase, this tool could be useful to change boring and monotonous web meetings into more fun and active ones.


The variety of available open source projects is amazing. We can't encourage you enough to take a look around and see what open source solutions are available for your problems. Each of the projects we introduced in this post has a different core objective, with communities who are still expanding. Stay tuned for more! 

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