Learn how to use to spot and contact influencers in your developer community in 2 simple steps.

How to spot and contact influential community members

Charlotte Schmitt
Charlotte Schmitt
Chief of Staff

How can I find my most influential community members using Can I find out who is most influential per channel (e.g., Slack, Discord, Twitter)? These questions are some of the most common among our users, so we put together this quick guide to show you how it's done. We used Twitter as an example, but you can apply this approach to any other channel supported by 

Step 1: Spot members

To filter for community members who are on Twitter, first, open your member list on and select the Twitter button in the upper left corner (here highlighted in orange). 

Next, click on “Reach” to sort users by their reach. Reach, in the context of Twitter, is determined by the total number of followers a member has.

Step 2: Contact members

Once you have identified users with high reach, try engaging them with a message. To do so, click on the Twitter icon of the person you want to message and send them a private message on Twitter. We recommend keeping it short and sweet to increase the likelihood of a response.

Here is an example of what you could write one of your more influential community members to start a conversation with them: 

Hey (name of member),
I am (your name) the (your role) of (community name). We’ve noticed you are one of our most involved community members, so we wanted to thank you for your contributions to our community already. We really appreciate it! 

Alternatively, you could also ask them for their feedback or potentially post about your product if you think they would seem open to it. 

As you can see, it's super simple to use to find your most influential and engaged community members across platforms. If you can get these influential members to keep engaging and talking about you, it could lead to a lot more traffic and growth for your product, so it's really worth finding out who these individuals are. 

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