Let Google discover your Slack or Discord community
Turn your community’s conversations on Discord, Slack & co into SEO-friendly landing pages to drive traffic and reduce duplicate questions.

Let Google discover your Slack or Discord community

Jonathan Reimer
Jonathan Reimer
CEO & Co-Founder

Building communities is one of the B2B topics in 2022. The role models of hyper-growth, community-led companies go from open-source players like Grafana Labs or Strapi over API-first platforms like Twillio or Stripe to productivity tools like Airtable or Notion. But as more and more companies start investing in community, the following question arises: How can community truly drive business value?


Turn your community’s conversations into SEO-friendly landing pages

One answer to this is: Turn your community’s content into SEO-friendly landing pages. With our latest release, can now automatically sync your community’s conversations from platforms like Discord, Slack, or GitHub with public pages - so-called Community Help Center

This increases the chances that potential users are finding out about your community and brand when searching for relevant keywords on Google.

Example landing page from CrowdSec

Additionally, this feature serves as a content archive that members can use to browse through historical conversations, reducing duplicate questions and therefore your support effort. Plus, you can improve your members’ experience, as this pages work like an internal "community search engine". No more endless browsing through various platforms.

Example search results from ZenML


How to index your community in a matter of minutes

The only thing you need to get your community indexed, is a account and admin permissions to connect relevant community channels (Discord, Slack, GitHub, etc.).

1. Set up your account

To get started, simply follow the setup wizard and connect at least one community data source.

2. Set up Conversations

With Conversations, automatically detects discussions that are going on in your community. This is the foundation for the landing pages of your Community Help Center. To set up conversations, simply navigate here and fill out the settings. 


3. Review & edit existing Conversations

After a few minutes, you should see the first conversations in your admin panel. You can click on each conversation, view it in detail, and change the title (by default its the first sentence of the conversation).

4. Publish Conversations to your Community Help Center

To publish conversations to your community help center, you have two options:

Option 1: Bulk publish conversations in the conversations list view

This option also works well with filters and helps you to publish several conversations at once. (Tip: To maximize the number of selected conversations, you can set the pagination to 100/page at the bottom of the table.)

Option 2: Publish a single conversation in the conversations detail view

Alternatively, you can also publish conversations one by one in the detail view. This allows you more control over the content you put out there.


After publishing, your conversation will be shown on{YourCommunityName}. To get a more detailed set-up guide and e.g. learn how you to change the styling and the domain of your Community Help Center, take a look at the product docs


Get started for free

If you would like to try this out and don't have a account yet, you can simply sign up for our free beta.

Looking forward

Conversations and Community Help Centers are still in the early days of development. With the next release we plan to ship the following features:

  • More filters and pre-selection support to identify Conversations worth publishing
  • Option to auto-publish Conversations which match certain criteria (e.g. if they happened in a specific Discord channel)
  • Integrations into more community platforms like Discourse, Reddit, or Stack Overflow

Are you missing anything or just want to share your feedback? Feel free to send an email to

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