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Open Community Analytics

Jonathan Reimer
Jonathan Reimer
CEO & Co-Founder

“Building in Public” has become more and more popular over the last few years. From indie hackers to venture-backed startups: more companies join the movement every week and start sharing internal metrics like revenue, website visitors, or team diversity with customers, investors, and competitors alike. A growing list of those companies can be found here

One could say that the spirit of open-source software is coming over to a broader business - and metrics - context. This may also be because more and more commercial open source companies (coss) are emerging, challenging the status quo of proprietary SaaS vendors.

Why Openness Matters

Openness clearly results in transparency and accountability. Through sharing metrics openly, customers can see how a company is using its revenue, investors can easily track the development of their portfolio companies, and team members understand how the organization is doing overall. 

In summary: Everyone can see how you are doing, and there are no tricks involved. Liberating thought, isn't it? And if you already decided to make the precious IP of your business open-source, why not also share metrics?

We always wondered why communities don’t share their metrics with the people who care about them the most - the community itself. The most successful communities are built on trust, openness, and transparency. Therefore, it seems logical to make the development of the community that everyone participates in publicly available. Unfortunately, there was not a tool for this purpose; until now.

Introducing Open Community Analytics

We’re happy to announce “Open Community Analytics” that will allow all our users to build custom community analytics, organize them in reports and share them publicly. allows you to connect data sources like GitHub, Discord, Slack, or Twitter and track metrics such as member growth, activity distribution, or average time to first interaction.

But take a look by yourself here.

Screenshot from web app

Today, we are still in closed beta, but we welcome open startups, open source projects, and any community that wants to share their progress publicly (for free). 

Join our waiting list and take another step towards openness.

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