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Our Mission 🧭

To put community at the heart of business and connect 1 billion people by 2030.


On the edge of the community economy

From open source software over web3 to productivity tools: community is moving into the center of business. In 2021, 86% of companies investing in community agreed that community is critical to their success [1].

But building a strong community is hard. In the beginning, organizations have to continuously find community members and maintain a high engagement among them. Once a community is striving, organizations are stuck managing endless tools, working with incomplete data, and failing to bring the return of community back to their business.

We want to solve these problems for all organizations that put community-first - be it startups, DAOs, or enterprises. Our ambition is to make community building more accessible and enjoyable, letting people focus on what they can do best: building relationships with other people.

[1] CMX Community Industry Report, 2021

Our Core Values ⚖️

What matters for us


We believe that the future of business is open - be it code, data or communication.


We put community first at everything we do.


We strive for greatness in what we do and are never settling for the status quo.


We love learning, seek alternative perspectives, and embrace the unknown.


We give everyone full freedom to decide when, where and how they do their tasks.


We hold ourselves accountable and measure our work by the results we deliver to our customers.
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Meet the team

Mário Balça

Software Engineer

Jonathan Reimer

Founder & CEO

Sofia de Mattia

Content & Marketing

Joan Reyero

Founder & CTO

Anil Bostanci

Software Engineer

Mehdi Mabrouki

Machine Learning Engineer