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Powering the community-led business revolution

Powering the community-led business revolution

Founded by community experts and developers, crowd.dev was built to help businesses grow sustainably through their community.

January 2021

🐣 The beginnings of crowd.dev

Jonathan (Co-Founder, CEO) was responsible for building up a developer community at a DevTool company. He was soon frustrated that the work required him to switch between endless platforms and work with incomplete data, not really bringing back value to the business. During this time, he also realized there were no tools available that had all the integrations and features he needed for the developer space. So he started working on his own solution…
July 2021

🎉 crowd.dev is officially founded

Working on a solution that was making his own life more manageable, Jonathan figured out that other companies struggled with the same problems. So he teamed up with Joan (Co-Founder, CTO) who himself was an avid community member of several open-source communities and they decided to found crowd.dev. They also started to think about the future and that a critical tool, as community management is, should be open-source. This would enable to, over time, form a strong developer community around crowd.dev that could add use-cases to the software.
December 2021

📈 The team starts to grow, and so does demand

After releasing the first MVP, it was clear that there was interest. Developer-focused companies found crowd.dev and signed up to the alpha version in numbers. At the same time, Jonathan and Joan started to build out the team with the first engineers, Mário and Anil.
October 2022

💰 2.2M€ in funding to execute on our roadmap and grow the team

To incorporate all the valuable feedback from early users in our community, it was time to bring in external funding to accelerate the building process. We are super happy that we found supportive and knowledgeable investors who believed in our mission to be the community tool of choice for developer-focused companies. With that, we hired more passionate individuals to keep the momentum going and grew the team to 10 people.
November 2022

💡 Releasing our updated product and Open-Source offering

We released our open-source product into the world with enhanced applications and features to help our users achieve their goals. We have a strong belief that our open-source approach will create value beyond our own product offering. We want to collaborate with everyone building software for the community-led era and create a vibrant and open ecosystem around our project. If you want to go far, go together.
We are excited about what the future will hold!
Until 2030

🎯 All this to reach our mission

To put community at the heart of business and connect 100 million people by 2030.
Building communities means building connections between the people in them. We want to foster the relationship between like-minded peers, businesses to their users, and businesses with each other to create value.

The values which guide us along the way


We believe that the future of business is open - be it code, data, culture or communication.


We give everyone full freedom to decide when, where and how they do their tasks.


We put humans first and prioritize the wellbeing of our people over everything.


We hold ourselves accountable and measure our work by the results we deliver to our customers.


We strive for greatness in what we do and never settle for the status quo.


We love learning, seek alternative perspectives, and embrace the unknown.

Our people

This is our team, we work hard to empower communities across the globe, and make sure to enjoy the ride while doing it.

Anil Bostanci

Software Engineer, Berlin 🇩🇪
"As a child, I thought that mirrors were doors to an alternative world."

Charlotte Schmitt

Chief of Staff, Zürich 🇨🇭
"I love how no two days are the same and the overall excitement in the very early stages."

Igor Kotua

Growth Engineer, Tibilisi 🇬🇪
"I am fascinated by start-ups and growth, especially building fun side projects for impact."

Joan Reyero

CTO & Co-founder, Berlin 🇩🇪
"The first thing I do when I wake up is make a cup of coffee and drink it under the shower."

Joana Maia

Software Engineer, Coimbra 🇵🇹
"I hate when people shake water bottles, even if it it is not sparkling. For some reason, I feel it will taste worse."

Jonathan Reimer

CEO & Co-Founder, Berlin 🇩🇪
"I’m a master at imitating animals - or at least I'd like too."

Gašper Grom

Software Engineer, Ljubljana 🇸🇮
“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Nuno Eufrásio

Product Designer, Coimbra 🇵🇹
"If a bee is flying around, I will automatically lose my calm and hide, no matter the situation."

Uroš Marolt

Software Engineer, Ljubljana 🇸🇮
"When I was 6 years old I got my first PC and ever since then I wanted to become a wizard who controls that incredible machine."

Arthur Bunny

Chief Fluff Officer, Coimbra 🇵🇹
"I know all about large and growing communities, comes with bunny territory."

Backed by leading early-stage investors

crowd.dev is funded by top VCs and business angels with deep expertise in DevTools, community and growth.


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