Product Updates - December 2022
In December 2022, we introduced the Growth plan, a Reddit integration, and several UX improvements. Learn more in our product updates.

Product Updates - December 2022

Charlotte Schmitt
Charlotte Schmitt
Chief of Staff @

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We hope you had a great holiday season and start to the New Year! In 2022, our product improved by leaps and bounds and is almost unrecognizable from how it was at the beginning of the year. So let’s see what we can do in 2023 to top that… While we start working on exciting new features to release this year, here are the last product updates and resources we brought you in December 2022. 

🛍 Introducing our Growth plan

To keep adding value and build the best community-led growth platform for you, we’ve introduced our first paid plan. In December, all active users entered a 30-day free trial for our “Growth” plan, which we released at an early-bird price of only $150 per month. As we add more features, this price will increase in 2023, but we are giving a 12-month price guarantee to all users who subscribe to Growth by January 15th. Click here to upgrade your workspace to Growth. 

Beyond community management, analytics, and team collaboration features, Growth gives you access to:

  • Organizations list, profiles, search, and filters to power your bottom-up sales strategy
  • Community growth apps, including Eagle Eye, to discover content to engage with, and Community Help Center on your domain 
  • Up to 10 active workflows & CSV exports per month to reduce the hassle of your community-building efforts
  • A Slack Connect channel with the team (limited to the first 100 Growth workspaces)

For more detail, check out our new pricing page.

🔌 Reddit integration

We added highly requested Reddit to our list of integrations. Once you connect Reddit to, you will be able to track posts published on your community’s subreddit as well as (nested) comments on all posts. Read more in our docs for instructions on how to install Reddit.

⭐ Optimized UX when adding integrations 

While we are on the topic of integrations: We’ve improved our integration setup experience. Most notably, from now on, you won’t have to check back several times to see when the data import is complete. We will simply send you a quick e-mail to notify you that everything is done, and you can start analyzing your newly imported community members and activities on our platform. 

What else happened at in December…

Next to new features and app updates, we also have several new resources for you to check out…


In November, we shared the first version of our new GitHub repo analyzer tool: Throughout December, we collected your feedback (thank you!) and worked on making the tool even more intuitive and valuable to use. We’ve also added a fastest growing repos page where you can see the most trending repositories of the week. Not surprisingly, since the launch, repositories using ChatGPT have dominated the charts. We’ll also be releasing a launch blog in January that will go into all the details of, so stay tuned for that!

📚 Blog spotlight

5 use cases for

Since our launch, we’ve continuously added new features to our platform, and with that, new use cases are enabled. From spotting highly engaged and influential community members to managing your daily community to-do’s, in this blog, we’ve highlighted five popular use cases of our platform. Maybe it will inspire you to use our platform in some new ways!

Are AI models like ChatGPT the future of community building?

With ChatGPT taking over the internet in December, we asked ourselves: how can AI change the way we build communities? Will models like ChatGPT replace the tasks of community managers? And how authentic and relevant can online communities be when you're no longer sure if you're talking to a human or a machine? So we played around with ChatGPT to test how well it could perform with various community-building tasks.

We hope you enjoy all these new features and updates! If you have any requests or ideas on what should come next - please add your suggestions as an issue on GitHub or tell us on Discord. We also keep a weekly changelog that you can check out to always stay up to date. 

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