Get members,
not users.

Grow your community with data-driven insights.
The Struggle

Building communities is hard.

If you are a community builder, you likely face these challenges:
Distributed community
Your community happens on many different channels and platforms.
Lack of insights
You miss data-driven insights about your community and can't quantify the value of your community building efforts.
Stalled growth
You don't know how to further expand your community.
1. Measure

All community data in one place.

  • Track your community members and their activities across any data source.
  • Get all relevant KPIs for your community in one place.
2. Understand

Get to the heart of what makes your community tick.

  • Understand your community down to the deepest detail with comprehensive dashboards and reports.
  • Measure the impact of your community building efforts (ROI).
  • Benchmark your community with similar ones and identify trends early on.
3. Grow

Build your community at scale.

  • Discover developers which might find your community useful.
  • Get suggestions for community-building activities based on what has made other communities successful.
  • Organize and execute your community building efforts in one place.
Data pooling

Connect all your community's data.

Track community members and activities from internal and external sources with 100+ built-in integrations and a well-documented public API.
Smart Analytics

Cut through the noise and get community insights.

Dive deep into your community with comprehensive dashboards and reports, including community health metrics, community sentiment, and AI-based identification of product feedback and bug reports.
Member Directory

Keep track of relationships.

Get a better overview of your community members with background information, activity history, automatic segmentation and smart tags.
Workflow Builder

Automate repetitive tasks.

Create community onboarding paths, notify colleagues about product feedback, or send bulk messages. The possibilities are endless with our integrated workflow builder.

Analyze your Crowd.

Find out who your active members are, what they do and how you can keep growing your community.
Free for open source

We are big advocates of open source. 

That is why we will always offer a free plan for open source projects.

Benefits at a glance

Community building made easy.

Get clarity on your developer community.

Fuel Growth

Grow your community with the right members, strategies and actions.

Gain Insights

Cut through the noise to gain an understanding of trends and opportunities.

Save Time

Have more time to focus on what really matters: relationships.

Learn everything about developer community building.

Insights, opinions and news from the team.

Level up your
community building.