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The modern buying journey of developers happens 90% outside of what your CRM covers. Decisions are made by developers and developers rely on community. Community is where developers explore new products, ask questions to peers, and make buying decisions.

With, you get full visibility into all online platforms and can take actions to strengthen and grow your company’s most valuable asset - your developer community.

An opinionated community data platform, built for developer tools.

We built to help developer tools companies find, engage, and collaborate with developers, to ultimately help them growth their business through a vibrant community.

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Connect GitHub with to enrich your community data and insights.


Connect Discord with to enrich your community data and insights.


Connect Slack with to enrich your community data and insights.


Connect Twitter with to enrich your community data and insights.


Connect DEV with to enrich your community data and insights.


Connect HackerNews with to enrich your community data and insights.


Connect HubSpot with to enrich your community with CRM data.


Connect Pipedream with to enrich your community with CRM data.
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Been using for quite some time now at the United Manufacturing Hub and we are loving it.

Jeremy Theocharis

Co-Founder & CTO, United Manufacturing Hub is the single point of truth for our developer community. We now have clarity about everything that's going on - across all channels.
Jacob Loring Portrait

Jacob Loring

Demand Manager, Code Intelligence

We often focus on product metrics such as churn rate, user engagement, and NPS. However, those metrics don't really exist for community. fills this gap by creating meanigful metrics for the engagement and impact of developer communities. This is particularly important for open source companies, which is why I'm excited about what they are building.

Didier Lopes

Founder, OpenBB

We use to manage and monitor the activity in our developer-focused community. It provides us both with high-level metrics and tracking of individual interactions. We are especially excited about the Conversations feature, which provides a single place to discover the discussions across various community venues. This is especially useful for Slack and Discord servers, which are not accessible by search engines.
Jan Vlnas Portrait

Jan Vlnas

Developer Advocate, Superface allows me to manage my developer community in a very simple and efficient way. Beyond that, they offer a lot of tools to help me grow and engage my community like the content suggestions or the SEO landing pages. It is definitely something I would recommend to any other startup trying to grow their developer community.
Emanuel Allely Portrait

Emanuel Allely

COO & Co-Founder, Luos

Awesome team, awesome product. Big supporters of!

Nicklas Gellner

Co-Founder, Medusa

We are developing open-source vector search technology at Qdrant and community building is essential for us. is an excellent solution for monitoring open-source community growth and getting valuable insights. The platform saves us a lot of time and gives a precise overview of our open-source traction. Really excited about all the new features!

Andre Zayarni

CEO, Qdrant

An amazing tool for DevTool communities and products 💪

Kyran Schmidt

Co-Founder, Outverse has enabled us to gather deeper insights into our Discord developer community, which has allowed us to grow and enhance the Elastic Team experience. And the reporting functionality, and easy to use UI have made it possible to produce the in-depth reports that we need to run our developer community.
Sam Rowlands Portrait

Sam Rowlands

Community Director, Distributed

Building and engaging community is my top priority as a founder of an open source startup. is basically the operating system for that. I’m especially excited about the features that will come in the next months.
Johannes Hötter Portrait

Johannes Hötter

CEO  & Co-Founder,

Monitoring relevant content across platforms is an arduous task for us. This easily saves a couple of hours per week!

Michael Zittermann

Co-Founder, nuvo

Here at Adadot we have a daily power-hour during which we use Eagle Eye to surface any community content with commenting on or sharing. Great tool!

Alex Harris

Founder, Adadot


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