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Contributors of crowd.dev

You are in great company

Explore community members who contributed to crowd.dev with code or valuable feedback.

Joan Reyero

Co-Founder, CTO

Jonathan Reimer

Co-Founder, CEO

Anil Bostanci

Core Developer

Nuno Eufrásio

Core Designer

Charlotte Schmitt

Core Team

Joana Maia

Core Developer

Uroš Marolt

Core Developer

Igor Kotua

Core Developer

Gašper Grom

Core Developer

Mário Balça


Matti Nannt


Christian Hartlage


Mehdi Mabrouki


Emmanuel Raymond


Erin Mikail Staples


Prathik Kaliyambath


Felix Kirsch


Yeganathan S


Tanay Pant

Feedback Contributor

Johannes Hötter

Feedback Contributor

Ludovic Dehon

Feedback Contributor

Zevi Reinitz

Content Contributor

Still have any questions about our community?

See the frequently asked questions below for more information about our community.

How can I get involved in the crowd.dev community?

To get started, say hello in our Discord community, leave a star on GitHub, or join one of our upcoming events.

I would like to contribute to crowd.dev. How do I get started?

If you want to make a code contribution to crowd.dev, please take a look at our contributing docs.

When do people get recognized on this community page?

To get recognized on this community page you have to either do a code contribution (1+ merged pull requests) or provide extensive feedback (3+ opened issues on GitHub). We will then add your profile manually, which may take a few days. If you do not want to be mentioned here, please send an email to hello@crowd.dev.

Will crowd.dev always offer a community edition?

Yes. Open-source was always at the core of what we're doing at we are 100% commited to always offer a free & open-source edition for our community.