Why industry-specific software is best (especially for developer tools)
Discover the power of industry-specific software for developer-first companies. Learn why's tailored approach maximizes ROI, empowers teams with deep insights, and ensures sustained growth.

Why industry-specific software is best (especially for developer tools)

Jesse Singer
Jesse Singer
Customer Success

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The software you choose is critical. It takes time and money to successfully implement software for your company. The two things that are always constrained. That’s why it’s important to make the right software choice, one that’s tailored to your needs now and grows with you as they change. 

That’s where industry-specific software comes in. In this blog, we’ll explore why it’s the best, and how it can help your team reach their goals.

1. It’s designed for you

Industry-specific software understands the unique challenges you face. Like the need to  unify data from multiple platforms, or find information about a developer just from their GitHub name. 

When software is made for a specific industry, it can meet your company's bespoke needs, providing a personalized and effective experience. 

2. Depth vs breadth

Generic software may offer a broad range of features, but by trying to please everyone, they aren’t able to go deep on features that only benefit your industry. Industry-specific software caters specifically to you. In the case of it’s crafted to help developer-first companies, empowering us to go deep on uncovering developer data and insights, which helps your team reach their growth goals.

3. Return on investment

Investing in industry-specific software can offer a higher return on investment compared to generic solutions. Choosing a tool that's made for your industry means every feature directly contributes to your business objectives, accelerating the impact on your company's growth without the bloat of more generic tools.

4. Specialized help

Support from experts familiar with the nuances of the developer tool industry is invaluable. When issues arise, having a support team well-versed in your specific needs ensures quicker resolutions, resulting in a smoother user experience for your team. At, 70% of our team are engineers, and they’re always excited to help our users get more out of the product.

Future proof

The developer tool industry is dynamic, and constantly changing. By selecting software designed with an eye towards the future, and focused on our industry, you can be more certain that value will accrue over time to your specific use cases. 

Wrapping up is made to help developer-first companies grow, and we’re committed to building the best software in the industry. Choosing software that's made for the developer tool industry is a strategic move that will not only lead to better outcomes now, but ensure that they continue into the future. Leveraging industry-specific software is a competitive advantage - helping you get the most out of your investment.

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