Build a product your community wants

Stay close to your developer community and receive real-time feedback at speed to reach product-market-fit and scale your developer-first company.

Build a sustainable & fast-growing businessBuild a sustainable & fast-growing business with
Grow with your users

Iterate and validate at speed, never loose touch with your users as you grow

The right developer community approach can help you overcome major challenges when building a business:

Hard to find product market fit

A common downfall: you don’t really understand your target user and what they need.

High customer acquisition costs

Paid marketing and pricey B2B sales people can lead to unsustainable growth, especially for developer-first companies.

Low brand awareness

It’s hard to identify the right people and the right way to get the word out about your DevTool.

Difficult to retain users

You need to keep delighting your users and provide long-term value for them so they stay with you.

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you can...

Never miss a beat with everything in one place

With AI-based identification, capture all your product feedback in real-time and in one place so you ship products that developers love and reach product-market-fit.

Activities overview

See all the different activities, like trending conversations, that are taking place in your community in a single dashboard.

Custom tags & notes

Manage your members with tags and automated segmentation as well as individual notes to stay on top of feedback and user groups.

Identify power members & advocates

Find and target influential community members to help spread the word about your product and identify at which organizations your members work.

Member organizations

Keep a tab on who is who in your community with rich member profiles showing their organizations and roles.

Member views, filters, & sorts

Leverage filters to easily find members with large social followings or those that engage heavily in your community.

Find relevant content & create landing pages on auto pilot

Discover and engage with tailored content across community platforms and automatically generate SEO-friendly support content from community conversations.

Eagle Eye

Identify content accross platforms that is relevant to you, so you can engage with and add like-minded developers to your community.

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Community Help Center

Auto-generate landing pages with support content derived from community conversations improving SEO and reducing support efforts.

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Use advanced analytics & reporting to anticipate whats next

Learn from your community data to get the results you want, monitor important metrics like engagement levels and sentiment analysis.

Custom reports

Identify trends and understand how your community is developing over time to make informed decisions.

Sentiment Analysis

Know when your community is at risk or sentiment is down to proactively combat any attrition.


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Building and engaging community is my top priority as a founder of an open source startup. is basically the operating system for that.
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