Communication Platform

Connect Discord with integrates with your Discord channels to be able to track when a new member joins your community and what they talk about.

What it is

Discord is a text, voice and video commmunication platform with over 100 million people on it. It is a prime place for developer first to build and grow their communities.


What data we track

When a member: 

  • Joins a server
  • Writes a message
  • Replies in a thread


What data we don't track

  • Reactions
  • When a member leaves a server


Historical import

  • No limitation


Plan available on

  • Essential
  • Scale
  • Enterprise


Connect Discord with HubSpot

By connecting your Discord community with HubSpot, you can bring community insights and buying intent signals to your Go-To-Market team, which allows to build a strong sales pipeline, accelerate deals, and grow your business. Learn more about connecting your Discord community with HubSpot.