Developer Tool

Connect GitHub with integrates with GitHub to track all relevant activities like repo stars, discussions, comments, and more.

What it is:

GitHub is a code hosting platform that over 80 million developers use for collaboration and version control. Its one of the richest places for developer activity and information.


What data we track:

  • Stars
  • Un-stars
  • Forks
  • Issues
  • Pull requests
  • Discussions
  • Comments on issues, pull requests, discussions


Historical import:

  • No limitation


Plan available on:

  • Essential
  • Scale
  • Enterprise


Connect GitHub with HubSpot

By connecting your GitHub community with HubSpot, you can bring community insights and buying intent signals to your Go-To-Market team, which allows to build a strong sales pipeline, accelerate deals, and grow your business. Learn more about connecting your GitHub community with HubSpot.