5 Insightful Podcasts for Building Open Source & DevTool Startups
Discover our curated list of the top 5 podcasts for open-source software and DevTool enthusiasts. These insightful podcasts offer expert advice, thought-provoking discussions, and open-source trends.

5 Insightful Podcasts for Building Open Source & DevTool Startups

Charlotte Schmitt
Charlotte Schmitt
Chief of Staff @

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The world of open-source software development is fast-paced and constantly evolving. One of the best and most accessible ways to stay on top of current trends and learn directly from those who have had success is by listening to a podcast. From covering opportunities within the open-source realm to new trends around building DevTools, established and new podcasts appearing in this space offer a deep dive into diverse topics from industry leaders. 

Not only does listening to podcasts help you learn more, but starting your own can be a great way to talk to interesting people. At, we started our very own Developer-Led podcast series, which has given us and our community access to thought leaders in DevRel and Open-Source. We have been able to ask the questions we are most curious about and have reached a wider audience than before. 

Today we’ve compiled the top five podcasts covering open-source and DevTool developments you can learn from to grow your DevTool or open-source project. Maybe one of them will even inspire you to start your own open-source startup. 


1. Scaling DevTools by Jack Bridger

Scaling DevTools brings you advice straight from the experts. This podcast talks about the tools software developers use each day, from text editors to complete development ecosystems. It gives you insight into the process of making these tools, the challenges faced, and the best practices of using them, through compelling conversations with tool creators and users. As the name suggests, this podcast also focuses on the tactics DevTools have used to grow and become popular. It's an overall fantastic resource if you're seeking to improve your understanding of DevTools. 

Episode recommendation: The secret to great DevRel content with Jason Lengstorf 


2. The Craft of Open Source by Ben Rometsch

Hosted by Ben Rometsch, the CEO of Flagsmith, the Craft of Open Source podcast shines a light on the human aspect of open source creation. Featuring interviews with project maintainers and major figures in the open-source community, this podcast helps listeners understand the complexities of open-source development and its trends. Many of its episodes are geared towards open-source entrepreneurs and help answer critical questions around licensing, monetization tactics, and fostering external contributions. A range of technologies are covered, from React.js, Git, Kubernetes, Azure, and many more. 

Episode recommendation: Interview with Mike Beamer & Todd Baert: Senior Product Manager and Senior Software Engineer at OpenFeature


3. Open Source Startup Podcast by Robby (Cowboy VC) & Tim (Essence VC)

If you're exploring the intersection of open-source software and business, look no further than the OSS startup podcast. Amanda Robs (Cowboy VC) and Timothy Chen (Essence VC) offer in-depth interviews with innovators on the cutting edge of open-source startups. The hosts dissect the unique challenges and opportunities within open-source businesses, offering keen insights and practical tips for startup success. They have talked with the founders of some of the most successful open-source startups, including Chronosphere, Vercel, MongoDB, and DBT.

Episode recommendation: Building open-source startups with Abby Kearns


4. The Business of Open Source by Emily Omier

Emily Omier's podcast, The Business of Open Source, brings an entrepreneurial edge to the open-source field. She talks with founders who are building companies using open-source software, discussing the hows and the whys of their business models. Her insightful interviews delve into the strategies and tactics these entrepreneurs used to create flourishing businesses within the open-source space. 

Episode recommendation: Developing commercial open-source companies with Joseph Jacks 

Bonus recommendation: Our CEO Jonathan sat down with Emily a while back to talk about all things open-source communities and how they can be used to fuel growth, Reaping the Benefits of Community-Led Growth with Jonathan Reimer.


5. The Developer-led Podcast by Jonathan Reimer

Of course, we had to include our own podcast, Developer-Led, hosted by our CEO and Co-Founder Jonathan Reimer. We are only a few episodes deep and have already spoken to diverse and incredible guests from Jana Iris, VC at TQ Ventures and past community builder at Hashicorp, Nevo David, responsible for growing Novu to 20K+ GitHub stars, and Zach Holman, the second engineer at GitHub and angel investor. 

Episode recommendation: Why is GitHub not open-source? With Zach Holman (Engineer #2 at GitHub)


Whether you're a seasoned veteran in open-source software development or just starting your journey, these podcasts offer a wealth of knowledge, serving as valuable companions. They provide insights into the intricacies and trends of the DevTools and open-source space. So, go ahead, give these podcasts a listen and immerse yourself in the universe of open-source. You might just find your new favorite audio resource that changes how you approach your projects.


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