Blog Product Updates - August 2022
In August 2022, shipped the new app Eagle Eye, a DEV integration, support for GitHub discussions and a few other improvements. Product Updates - August 2022

Jonathan Reimer
Jonathan Reimer
CEO & Co-Founder,

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In August 2022, we shipped the following features for our closed beta users:

✨ Introducing Eagle Eye

With Eagle Eye, you can monitor different community platforms to find relevant content to engage with and help grow your community. The alpha version allows you to search through recent HackerNews and DEV content, and we are planning to roll out this feature to more platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and Stack Overflow. To test it out, simply enter a few relevant keywords and hit "search".

image (123)

🔌 New Integration: DEV

We now support DEV as a data source. You can track comments from an unlimited amount of organizations' and users' articles as community activities.

image (124)

🔌 Support for GitHub Discussions

Our GitHub integration now also supports the recently released Discussions feature. All comments in Discussions (including nested comments) are automatically tracked as community activities if a GitHub repository is connected.

🤖 Automated publishing for Community Help Center

You can now auto-sync conversations from all (or selected) channels with your Community Help Center. This means you can let create SEO-friendly landing pages on autopilot and make use of all the content created by your community. Find out more about the setup in our docs

🔒 Read-only role

You can now invite other users with a "read-only" role to your workspace. These users will not be able to make any changes to your workspace, but they will still be able to see all the information.

Which features should we build next? Add your suggestions to our public roadmap or tell us on Discord.

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