Discover and add relevant contacts that are not in HubSpot yet
Discover new prospects for HubSpot with our Scale plan integration. Sync HubSpot data and find engaged contacts in your developer community. Boost your sales pipeline!

Discover and add relevant contacts that are not in HubSpot yet

Jesse Singer
Jesse Singer
Customer Success

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With our new Scale plan you can sync your Hubspot data with One valuable use case for this integration is to find ideal customers that are not in your CRM yet. This can help you find new and engaged prospects in your developer community that will be valuable for your go-to-market team. Watch our tutorial or follow the steps outlines below to find out how.

1. Connect data sources

If you haven’t used yet, the first thing you have to do is connect your data sources. has various built-in integrations, including GitHub, Slack, Discord, Stack Overflow, Reddit, and many others. For this use case, you will need to ensure Hubspot is connected. There are step-by-step instructions for every data source here.

2. Filter the contacts list

To see the developers in our community, we need to navigate to the “Contacts” page by selecting “Contacts”. On this page, you can toggle the top menu to see different segments of contacts, like “new and active” or “most engaged”. We will stay on the “All contacts” section and combine filters to find relevant contacts for Hubspot. 

To do this, select “Filters” in the top right hand corner. We can either scroll or search. We want to select “Identities”, toggle on “Exclude”, and select Hubspot. Now we have a view of all contacts that are not on Hubspot. You can sort by number or Activities or Engagement level by clicking on the arrows next to the headers. 

3. Share the contact with Hubspot

If you spot an interesting contact, you can open their profile by clicking on their name. To take a look at the company they work for you can click on the company icon under Organizations. 

If the company is relevant, you can go back to the contact’s page and tag the contact on as a “Sales prospect” by clicking on “Edit tags” under the contacts name. To add the contact to your Hubspot account, you can click on the three dots next to their engagement score and select “Sync with Hubspot”.

Wrapping up

Finding new and interesting contacts in your developer community is easy to do with our new Hubspot integration. It will give your go-to-market team the data they need to supercharge their sales pipeline.

If you would like to learn more about how can benefit you and your go-to-market team, book a call with us here.

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