Get real-time alerts for keywords indicating buying intent
Real-time alerts for buying intent keywords across platforms like GitHub, Slack, Discord, LinkedIn, or Stack Overflow. Connect community data to your GTM team. Get notified on Slack.

Get real-time alerts for keywords indicating buying intent

Jonathan Reimer
Jonathan Reimer
CEO & Co-Founder,

Get notified when customers mention you online - with Crowdlens

Commercial open-source and DevTool companies often have 1,000s of developers engaging with their community and brand across various platforms, including GitHub, Slack, Discord, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

If you are commercializing your product, your community platforms are a gold mine: It’s where developers explore your product, ask questions to peers, and ultimately make buying decisions. You want to make sure that your GTM team knows when developers have buying intent, so they can jump in and answer any questions that may be open. 

In this use case, our goal is to identify buyer intent based on meaningful keywords in activity—comments, replies, commits, and questions—across all your community platforms. 


What you'll need for this use case

  • account with any plan - get started for free
  • Online channels that might include intent data, for example, GitHub, Slack, or Discord (see all integrations)
  • Internal Slack workspace (where we can send the alerts)


Step 1: Connect data sources

If you haven’t used yet, the first thing we have to do is bring some data in. The platform comes with various built-in integrations, including GitHub, Slack, Discord, Stack Overflow, Reddit, and many others. You can find step-by-step instructions for every data source here.

Once you connected all your platforms and data is flowing in, we can move to the next step.


Step 2: Test keywords

Before we set up alerts, we want to make sure that the keywords have been used in the past. For this purpose, we have to head to the Activities page and use the keyword search.

For, it’s a signal for buying intent when a user is interested in CRM integrations. It means that they made themselves familiar with the product and want to integrate the data into their GTM workflow. Therefore, we want to get notified if somebody is talking about “HubSpot” or “Salesforce” in our community.

A quick search gives us the following historical results.


We come to the conclusion that those are great keyword and continue with the last step.


Step 3: Set up a Slack notification

In the last step, we want to make sure we get a Slack notification every time the keywords get mentioned.

To set up a Slack notification, go to the Automation section, click “Add automation”, and select “Slack Notification”. If you haven’t used the Slack Notifier app yet, click on “Install app”, which will redirect you to the Integrations page to authorize the Notifier app to your Slack workspace.

We need to set up the following fields:

  • Automation name: “Keyword alert: CRMs”
  • Choose trigger: “New activity happened in your community”
  • Trigger filter options, including keyword(s): “hubspot, salesforce”


We confirm the setup with “Add Slack notification”, and we are done: Every time an activity in any of the connected platforms includes the keywords, we will receive a notification to our Slack workspace, including a link to jump straight to the conversation.


Congratulations, you’ve just connected community data with your GTM team to surface buying intent in real-time. 🎉


We would love to hear from you and learn which other use cases you have in mind. Send me an email, book a call or join our Discord community.

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