Product Updates - November 2022
Organization lists & profiles, Tasks, Notes, a Hacker News integration, and many more resources for you in November.

Product Updates - November 2022

Charlotte Schmitt
Charlotte Schmitt
Chief of Staff @

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You asked we listened. Kick your community building activities up a notch with the exciting new features we released in November.

💼 Organization lists & profiles

As of today, you won’t only see the organizations your members belong to in member profiles. You have stand-alone organization lists and profiles. In the organizations page, just like for your members, you have a complete organization directory that you can search, filter, and sort instantly. 

Each organization also has its own profile page, which highlights key information about that organization and all the community members that belong to it. Keeping a pulse of which organizations your members are representing is extremely important for a successful bottom-up growth strategy, and this was one of our most requested features to date.

✅ Tasks now allows you to collaborate with your team or simply schedule and track your to-do's related to your community. Our new Tasks page is where you manage your community to-do's. Here you can create, assign, schedule, and mark any tasks as completed. On the Home page, you will now also see any open tasks assigned to you. Tasks can be related to specific community members, and you will see any related tasks in a member profile as well.

✍️ Notes

Member profiles now include a Notes tab in the bottom section of the page. Here you can store any important information you have collected on a member over time. For example, it's a great place to store any product feedback from a recent interview that you would like your whole team to see and keep in mind the next time you reach out to that member.

🔌 Hacker News integration

Until today, you could only search Hacker News through our Eagle Eye app - now we have the full integration ready for you. With this integration keeps track of any posts that mention your community or brand, as well as any comments on these posts. No more need to monitor Hacker News for community activities by yourself. Relevant posts are identified either via keywords or domains in the post URL. Check out how to install Hacker News in our documentation. 

And what else happened at in November…

Next to new features and app updates, we also have several new resources for you to check out.

📹 A brand new demo video

We've finally gotten around to filming a demo video for you guys. If you haven't gotten around to using the app much yet or still have open questions, make sure to have a watch! developer community building demo video

📊 (Soft) launching

Our growth engineer, Igor, has been working on a tool that analyzes your GitHub repo and generates insights about its community. Currently, the tool analyzes 4 aspects of a repo: adoption, contributions, diversity, and governance. Ultimately, the tool will be able to identify areas of improvement and suggest next steps. Like a mini

It's still WIP and we are happy for any feedback. Try it here. 

📝 Blog spotlights:

Licensing 101 for open-source startup founders

Choosing a license for your open-source startup can seem daunting at first. What are the long term implications? What license is suited to my business model? That's why we've decided to break it down for you in our new blog. Learn about the most popular open-source licenses, how they differ, when one is preferable to another, and some examples of which well-known open-source startups chose. Read it here

What is a Developer Advocate & why are they essential

Developer Advocates are often counted as a key hire in DevTool start ups. A great one is also not easy to find as Developer Advocates need to wear a lot of different hats, from writing technical content to building a strong social following. In this blog we answer what a Developer Advocate really is, their main responsibilities, why they are crucial, what makes a great advocate, and where you can find one. Read it here

We hope you enjoy all these new features and updates! If you have any requests or ideas on what should come next - please add your suggestions as an issue on GitHub or tell us on Discord.

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