Product Updates - October 2022
October marks’s biggest product update yet - from sentiment analysis to rich member profiles, there are changes to help you grow.

Product Updates - October 2022

Jonathan Reimer
Jonathan Reimer
CEO & Co-Founder,

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In October 2022, we shipped the biggest product update in history! We have added the following upgrades and new features:

🎨 A brand-new user interface

We completely overhauled our design and user experience (you may not even recognize the app). is now much more intuitive to use, and the product feels more polished. We re-designed each page to give you a better overview of what is going on in your community, visualizing the data, and highlighting insights more fittingly. We hope it makes using not only more effective but more enjoyable. 

👤 Richer member profiles

Member profiles now show you everything you need to know about an individual in one place, with even richer information on their activity history, tags, engagement level, and much more. In your member profiles, you are also able to see all default attributes like member organizations, locations, and reach as well as custom tags and identities to better group and segment users. 

💼 Information on represented organizations

For a successful bottom-up growth strategy, knowing about the organizations of your members is crucial. When you know which organization a member works for, you can target and personalize them more appropriately and better understand their needs. We show you the total organizations that have been identified in your community, we also update you on any new organizations that are popping up in your community, as well as show you all the active organizations (organizations where members have been active in a given time period). We are also working on including more detailed information on organizations very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that.  

🎯 Powerful filters, sorts, and views

Gone are the days of switching between tools and maintaining spreadsheets on your members. Our powerful filters, sorts and views instantly help you to segment, research, and understand your community more effectively. We have included default views, for example, “slipping away” to identify valuable members that may need some extra attention or “influential” to find individuals with high reach who could be perfect candidates for your next developer advocate. You can apply one or more filters at a time to help identify specific members based on member attributes using AND or OR operators. You can also sort the Members table by any column that has an arrow symbol next to its name.

🌡Sentiment analysis

Understanding the health of your community is more than just vanity growth metrics. We’ve built a model to conduct sentiment analysis for all activities in your community to show you how members are feeling, so you can take informed actions. For example, it’s now possible to set up a webhook that sends you a notification as soon as we detect activities with a very bad sentiment. Also, you’ll be able to see how sentiment developed over time, for example, after a big product launch.

💌 Trending conversations

We help you keep track of all conversations going on in your community, now, we also show you the ones that are trending and pulling a lot of engagement. This new feature will enable you to take part and help keep these conversations going, as well as take in any feedback and ideas that may be spreading. We highlight these trending conversations on the Home page. 

🛠 Custom attributes and identities 

While we have included default attributes everyone cares about, we know you have unique details and information you want to track on your members. Use our custom attribute function to add specific to you details as well as extra identities for your members beyond their community profiles (e.g., you can add identities using their phone number or extra email). 

🔑 Social Sign in with Google

We’ve added social sign-in to make signing up and logging into a breeze. You can now use your Google account. 

Beyond these product updates, we also just announced that is now fully open-source. We have written extensively on why in our launch and €2.2M investment announcement blog. Make sure to also browse through our completely revamped website that goes along beautifully with our new UI. Of course, we have also updated our Documentation, where you can find out more product and development details. 

As always, we are still going strong and have so much more to build. If you have any requests or ideas on what should come next - please add your suggestions as an issue on GitHub or tell us on Discord.

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