Introducing the first data enrichment built for developer communities
Leverage your developer community with's member enrichment - the only data enrichment tailored to developers.

Introducing the first data enrichment built for developer communities

Charlotte Schmitt
Charlotte Schmitt
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In the world of DevTool and open-source companies, having a sound understanding of your community member’s technical skills and interests is a huge help to improve products, find contributors, and build stronger relationships.

From open-source contributions over work experience to social profiles: valuable data is available. However, it’s spread across the many online profiles developers use, making it difficult to aggregate and act on. already pulls the activity and key attributes of your community members from the platforms they interact with you into one place. And starting today, we are taking it a step further and introducing member enrichment by - the world's first data enrichment tool built to enrich developer profiles. 


What is member enrichment?

With our new member enrichment, we can populate your community’s developer profiles with over 25 additional rich data points, including emails, social profiles, technical skills, preferred programming languages, work experience, and much more.

We source this data from your members’ social profiles and automatically populate your dataset with it.  

Example of an enriched member profile


Discover all your members’ open-source contributions

With member enrichment, you can get an easy overview of a member’s complete open-source contribution history. The results are displayed in a handy network graph.

The nodes (circles) in the graph are the repositories the member has contributed to. The bigger the node, the higher the number of contributions, and vice versa. The edges (connecting lines) connect repositories that have common topics. The thicker the edge, the more topics are shared between two repositories.

Hovering over the different elements will give you all the related information - it’s easiest to understand if you just have a play yourself! 


And enrich the developers in your community with 25+ attributes

We can enrich 25+ attributes depending on what the chosen members have included across their social profiles. Here is a selection of some of the interesting data points we collect:

  • Emails: The member‚Äôs email addresses.
  • Social Profiles: The member‚Äôs profile on GitHub, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Technical skills: The member's technical skills - based on their OSS contributions.
  • Programming Languages: The programming languages the member is proficient in.
  • Work Experience: including the member‚Äôs company, the location of the company, as well as the start and end date (if relevant).¬†¬†
  • And much, much more.¬†

You can find a full list of attributes here. 


Why is member enrichment so powerful?

Enrichment gives you a much wider range of data with which to better understand and segment your developer community. In turn, you can refine your overall community strategy as well as your targeted outreach to enriched members. 

For example, if you are trying to improve the contribution rate to your open-source project, you can use member enrichment to identify developers most likely to contribute based on their past open-source contributions. 

Knowing about a community member's technical skills, for example, their programming languages, can drastically improve your product research. 

Finding out overlapping interests and skills between several community members can be a strong indicator and inspiration for what kind of content you can produce that delivers value and will be consumed by your community. 

Having information about the location of your community members can help you identify people to invite to in-person events or meet-ups. 

These are just a few examples of the many opportunities member enrichment presents.


How do I enrich a member?

The only thing we need to enrich a member is either a GitHub profile or an email address. If you have one of these, you are good to go. There are two ways you can enrich a member, either from the Members page or directly from a Member Profile. 

Enriching a member directly from a Member Profile (top right corner)
Enriching from the Members page, you can select one or multiple members at once

In the event that an enrichment fails, it could be one of two reasons. Either the member does not have an email or a GitHub identity available, or despite the member having one of these, we do not have them in our enrichment database.

Users of our Growth plan have up to 1,000 monthly enrichment credits, and users of our Essential plan have 5. It is important to note that in the event of an enrichment failure, no enrichment credits will be deducted. 


The takeaway’s member enrichment is the first enrichment tool tailored to developers. The applications are wide-ranging, from personalizing outreach, planning your next in-person event, or improving your product research. There will be something to act on for everyone. 

Whether you are using our Growth or Essential plan, you can test out Member Enrichment for free today - we encourage you to try it out for free and see the power for yourself. If you have any questions or feedback regarding Member Enrichment, don’t hesitate to reach out on Discord.

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