Communication Platform

Connect Slack with integrates with your Slack and identifies all the members in your, channels and tracks things like when a member joins and what they talk about in your community.

What it is

Slack is a real-time communication and collaboration tool used by many companies today. You can create different channels according to topics in your community, as well as privately message people.


What data we track

When a member: 

  • Joins a channel
  • Writes a message
  • Replies in a thread


What data we don't track

  • Reactions


Historical import

  • No limitation


Plan available on

  • Essential
  • Scale
  • Enterprise


Connect Slack with HubSpot

By connecting your Slack community with HubSpot, you can bring community insights and buying intent signals to your Go-To-Market team, which allows to build a strong sales pipeline, accelerate deals, and grow your business. Learn how to connect your Slack community with HubSpot.