Product Updates - January 2023
We started 2023 out with a bang, releasing the first data enrichment tailored to developers and the much-requested LinkedIn integration.

Product Updates - January 2023

Charlotte Schmitt
Charlotte Schmitt
Chief of Staff @

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We started 2023 out with a bang. Besides releasing the first data enrichment tailored to developers and the much-requested LinkedIn integration, we introduced default reports, re-built our weekly email report, added CSV exports, started supporting Discord’s forum channels, and so much more. On top of that, we launched on ProductHunt and created a ton of new content. Hard to believe that only a month has passed. 🤯

We don’t plan to slow down, with even more exciting things coming in February. 🦅

But for now, let's focus on what happened in January…


🔮 Member Enrichment

Member enrichment allows you to enhance member profiles with 25+ developer-specific attributes. You can gain deep insights into a member's skills, open-source contributions, education, work experience, and more. All we need is either a GitHub profile or the email address of a community member to proceed. For more detail, check out the announcement blog or docs

With our Growth plan, you can enrich up to 1,000 members every month. As an Essential user, up to 5. 

🔌 LinkedIn integration

LinkedIn was by far the most requested integration on our roadmap. We now help you stay on top of your LinkedIn community. You can sync comments and reactions from your organization’s posts. 

The LinkedIn integration is only available for workspaces with a Growth plan. If your trial is over, but you want to give LinkedIn a spin, send an email to and we can set you up with another trial day.

📈 Default reports with a “Members Report”  

Our reports are getting some much-needed love, and we introduced the concept of Default Reports. Starting with our "Members report", we will gradually bring out more opinionated reports tailored to developer communities. Based on the data, we also include insights and recommendations for you to take to improve the health of your community. Check it out here.

💾 CSV exports 

You can now export a handy list of all or selected community members from your members' page. You simply choose the members you want to export and we send you an email with a download link. As an Essential user can do this twice per month, while Growth users have 10 CSV exports per month.

🔐 Exact keyword matching for Eagle Eye 

Now you can use Eagle Eye to search for content that includes exact keywords. Just wrap your search query in quotes, and we will look for exact matches rather than semantic search. 

For example, if you want to search for content that talks about generative AI and mentions Stable Diffusion. You could search for: generative ai, "stable diffusion"

P.S. Eagle Eye is about to get a major makeover in February. Keep your eyes peeled… 

🔎 New filtering options

We've expanded our filtering options so that you can refine your community segmentation and searches even more. Now you can also filter members by the types of activities they conducted (e.g., starred your GitHub repo or followed you on Twitter).

📬 In-app feedback box  

We have our first external code contribution from @mattinannt and the Formbricks team. They’ve added an in-app feedback box to our menu, so if you have an idea, something needs to be fixed, or want to point out which features you like, you can let us know right away.

🎛️ Support for Discord’s forum channels 

Forum channels are now supported as part of the Discord integration. We get all posts and comments from those channels. If you already have a Discord integration connected, we will get posts in public forum channels automatically. You'll need to add the bot to the forum channels you want us to track if they are private.

💌 Improved weekly digest email  

We revamped your weekly community email report. On top of member and activity metrics, we’ve also included an organizations and top conversations section to ensure you start your week on top of everything.

What do you think about all these new features? Please feel free to reach out to or book a quick call

What else happened at in January…

Next to new features and updates, we also have several new resources for you to check out.

🍻 We planned our first on-site event in Berlin. Come & join us! 

We want to connect the Berlin open-source ecosystem of founders, developers, community specialists, and investors. In case you are in Berlin on Thursday, March 2nd, and active or interested in open-source, please join us for a casual get-together with drinks. Event details and RSVP here

📊 We launched AnalyzeMyRepo on ProductHunt 

After incorporating your valuable feedback, we launched on Product Hunt. A quick reminder: AnalyzeMyRepo enables you to look over any Github repository and get comprehensive details about its performance, contributors, community governance, geographic diversity, and organizational diversity. 

AnalyzeMyRepo also features a “fastest growing repos” page as well as an AI-powered search for GitHub repositories so you can more easily find cool projects. 

Check out Igor’s launch blog for all the nitty gritty details here

Case study: How Luos uses to identify key community members & build authentic relationships

"In community platforms, a huge problem is that retrieving past activities is a pain, and you lose valuable data over time. helps us retrieve that data when needed and in one place." - Nicolas Lorenzi, Head of User Acquisition & Growth at Luos. Our newest case study shows how Luos executes its community-led growth strategy and uses to: identify key opinion leaders and engaged community members, build authentic relationships, and understand what content to create to deliver value. Read more here.

Blog spotlight: What sets apart from other community tools

We may not be the only community tool on the market, but we are the only one focused exclusively on the needs of developer communities. In this blog post, we lay out five key ways in which sets itself apart from the more generic tools on the market. From data enrichment to opinionated reports, find out how is tailored to developers here

Blog spotlight: Why and how we follow project-based development

At, we are customer obsessed. This means all our team members, including engineers, must be in tune with our user's needs by participating in research calls, insight sessions, and first-line support. This has enabled us to introduce project-based development, which decentralizes product decisions and allows the whole engineering team to lead and evaluate new feature development (i.e., projects). Not only does this further underpin our team's closeness to the end user, but it has also ramped up our speed and given more leadership opportunities to everyone. Read how and why we introduced project-based development here

We hope you enjoy all these new features and updates! If you have any requests or ideas on what should come next - please add your suggestions as an issue on GitHub or tell us on Discord

We also keep a weekly changelog that you can check out to always stay up to date. 

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